High Performance is our ‘Breath of Fresh Air’!

Do you want your windows to open smoothly? If so, you've reached the right website. LP Window Controls Ltd are specialists in natural ventilation window control systems (Teleflex).

With a window control system (Teleflex) from LP Window Controls Ltd, you get a complete professional service, with excellent workmanship, advice and technical support.

If you have windows that are difficult to access, the solution can be found in our range of quality, inconspicuous manual window control systems (Teleflex) and electronic window control devices. They operate manually, by simply winding a handle, or electronically by pushing a button.

Our window controls (Teleflex) are designed to suit all types of windows - domestic or corporate. LP Window Controls Ltd are able to take on the larger contracts; our operatives are highly competent to deal with any situation. We specialise in schools, hospitals, prisons, disabled accommodation, offices, all public buildings and conservatories. Projects include work on the Olympic Stadium site in East London.

We are an approved distributor and installer of manual & automated window controls for Kongsberg Automotive (Teleflex) and we are located less than five miles away from these manufacturers.

Be warned that many copies of the products we sell are available. Such window control systems may look virtually the same, but that's where the comparison ends. If you want a quality window operating system, with second-to-none customer service, contact us at LP Window Controls Ltd now.